Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Puerto Rican Independence movement is under a new wave of repression

The Puerto Rican Independence movement is under a new wave of repression. In the past 3 days 3 leading independence advocates have been detained by the FBI in Puerto Rico.
On Wednesday Orlando Gonzalez Claudio, a former political prisoner who in 1985 was arrested for his participation in the 1983 expropriation of 7 million from Wells Fargo carried out by the Macheteros was detained by the FBI and forced to submit to DNA testing.
On Thursday Norberto Cintron Fiallo, Chairman of the Coordinadora Cariben-a y Latinoamericana of Puerto Rico and federal grand jury resister was detained and forced to submit to DNA testing
On Friday Juan Segarra Palmer was also detained for the same purpose. Segarra Palmer is also a former political prisoner as a result of the Wells Fargo expropriation.
A federal judge has issued 16 warrants to force Pro independence fighters to submit to testing.
None have been notified prior and the names on the remaining warrants are unknown. The 3 detained so far have been stopped while on the road with heavy FBI presence.  The 3 are known totally committed to the Liberation of Puerto Rico and known not to be vulnerable to intimidation and for this reason it is widely understood that the tactics used by the FBI are aimed at attempting to intimidate people in Puerto Rico to not support Puerto Rican Independence. 
It is evident that a US government operation is once again at play in Puerto Rico.
It is widely believed that the investigation under witch these acts are being carried out is of a clandestine military operation carried out in Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico over 30 years ago which left 2 Navy men dead and 10 wounded.
So why is this investigation being carried out now????

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