Friday, February 26, 2016

Murders and crimes against Indians fly under the radar

When the family of Loren “Low” Two Eagle came into the offices of Native Sun News asking for help in solving the death of their relative, not a single person from federal, state, or tribal law enforcement contacted the family in response to the article published in NSN.

No flag-flown marches from the American Indian Movement. No demanding rallies from the Native Lives Matter group. No strongly-worded editorials from the Last Real Indians publication. No cyber-bullying from the United Urban Warrior Society. Nothing.

In fact, it was a lone relative on horseback who found Loren’s body floating in a small lake several days after he went missing in an area previously searched.

Three months later and the Two Eagle family have not even received an autopsy report. This lack of response does not allow for closure for the family of Loren Two Eagle. They officially don’t know his cause of death.


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