Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Don't Break Our Phones

Did you watch Good Morning America today?

Rallies opposing an FBI “backdoor” to the iPhone were a featured story!

We’re always working to help make complicated tech policy issues understandable for the general public, but this is one of the biggest and most successful things we’ve ever done.

This week, millions of people will hear for the first time how important the security of our phones is to the security of systems we depend on every day—like our bank accounts, hospitals, and airports. They’ll hear about encryption, and how it keeps them safe. This debate is about so much more than privacy, and we’re helping educate the public about the real risks of giving the FBI a backdoor.

There are rallies at 5:30pm TODAY in nearly 50 cities, and there will be tons of media there. We need as many people as possible to show up! Click here to find a protest near you.

More:  https://www.dontbreakourphones.org

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