Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rising Crime? Not so Fast.

The Brennan Center’s preliminary analysis of 2015 crime trends has become an authoritative resource for news outlets discussing recent crime statistics. The analysis, which showed that anecdotal reports of rising crime are not supported by comprehensive data, was referenced by The New York Times in a story about a 2 percent drop in major felonies last year in New York City. “As reflected in the reported levels of the most serious types of crime, the city in 2015 was as safe as it had been in its modern history,” the paper said. In fact, “crime rates in America’s largest cities have remained the same since 2014 and are projected to decrease by 5.5 percent by year’s end,” Politico noted in an article detailing the Center’s updated December analysis. Read more in BuzzFeed, The Christian Science MonitorMother JonesNPRThe Washington Post and The Washington Times. Also read the recent FBI crime data with similar results.

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