Sunday, December 20, 2015

Here's How One Activist Convinced the FBI to Leave Him Alone

Newly released FBI documents confirm what some activist groups have argued for years: when FBI agents come knocking, the best response is to shut the door and call the press.

Leslie Pickering is no stranger to FBI harassment. Years ago, he was a spokesperson for the radical environmental group the Earth Liberation Front. By publicly making statements in support of militant tactics like property destruction, he immediately drew the attention of law enforcement. Today, he helps run an anarchist bookstore - and has found that the government is still monitoring his mail and First Amendment activity.

Pickering has been working with his attorney, Michael Kuzma, to obtain FBI documents about him. The court has ordered the FBI to process and release 30,000+ pages of his FBI file. In the first batch of those documents he has received, there is an account of the FBI's decision to "forego an interview" and not visit Pickering.

The reason?

Pickering never talked, and future visits could result in bad press for the FBI.


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