Friday, October 2, 2015

TPP Talks Struggle, Protests Increase, More Protests Planned

On Thursday night, October 1, the trade negotiators planned to hold a press conference announcing the success of their meetings. But, there was no press conference. There was no agreement. Instead, the same issues on which there is no reported movement -- trade in auto parts, patents on biological drugs and the dairy trade -- keep being stumbling blocks. People now realize that the reason Speaker John Boehner was forced to resign because of fast track and that without Boehner as speaker it is unlikely TPP will pass the House. So, not only does the TPP have problems reaching agreement but it is becoming evident it will have serious problems in Congress as well. We are organizing a major convergence in Washington, DC this November 14 to 18. We will have a training over the weekend and then three days of action. This could be a historic moment where the TPP is defeated by people power.


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