Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reflections on Prison Labor, Unions, and Whitney Benns' The Atlantic Article "American Slavery Reinvented"

In Dec 2010 to Jan 2011, the largest prison strike in US history took place in Georgia.  This action was most definitely not a riot.  In seven prisons across the state, thousands, possibly a majority, of the 57,000 inmates held by the Georgia Department of Corrections used bootleg cell phones to coordinate a job action.  By refusing to leave their cells to go to work in their prison jobs, these "state employees" in effect withheld their labor power to demand better health care, decent food, a fair and transparent system of parole hearings, etc.  Inmates in Georgia are required to work without pay, under the pretense that they are reimbursing the state for their room and board.

More:  http://portside.org/2015-10-12/reflections-prison-labor-unions-and-whitney-benns-atlantic-article-american-slavery

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