Friday, October 2, 2015


Join Us on OCTOBER 14TH

On October 14, 2015, in cities and towns around the nation, people will be engaging in a National Day of Action to once again call attention to the urgent need for bold steps to be taken to address the global climate crisis. Initiated by the People’s Climate Movement (PCM) and the Indigenous Environmental Network, these actions are being organized by local groups and organizations from the wide range of diverse constituencies and communities.

The People’s Climate Movement hopes local organizers will develop creative, inspirational events that call attention to the urgent need for immediate action on the climate crisis while highlighting the range of communities and constituencies involved in this new movement for climate justice. Where possible, we encourage local events that highlight and challenge those people/institutions/agencies that are either still denying climate change or are simply lying about the seriousness of the problems. Where it makes sense to use these local events to strengthen ongoing campaigns and projects, or to initiate new initiatives locally, we encourage that as well.
Everyone is asked to tie their local efforts to the nationwide movement we are all part of, as well as the global movement. This means creating your own action - START HERE and then posting your activities on the PCM website, it means making this connection when doing local media work, it means participating in nationally coordinated social media work, etc.

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