Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Join USHRN for the UPR Social Media Day of Action!‏

Join USHRN and the UPR Taskforce for a social media day of action on Thursday, September 24th - just two days away! We invite individuals, grassroots, and national organizations to join us over FaceBook and Twitter to lift up our disappointment in the U.S.' response - and that we demand more. As the USHRN Coordinating Center wrote in our statement on the U.S. Government's response to the recommendations:

"We reject the U.S. Government’s assertion that ending racism and all other forms of discrimination, the end of excessive force by police, and ensuring right to healthcare, among other recommendations, are to be recognized as ideals that may never be attained. We reassert that they are necessary measures that deserve concrete, comprehensive, and intersectional action if the U.S. intends to ensure and affirm human rights. Indeed, there are countries around the world that have made significant progress on these fronts. Lip service and piecemeal responses are, and never have been, enough."

For suggested tweets and Facebook posts:  http://bit.ly/UPRDayofAction

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