Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One Planet: Even the Magnificence of the Grand Canyon Can't Escape Toxic Pollution

...The breathtaking beauty and wonder of the Grand Canyon connects us spiritually to this planet on which we reside. It is a sobering portent that this wondrous natural creation is now showing signs of measurable mercury and selenium pollution.

Incrementally ruinous global warming and pollution often do not seem to pose an immediate threat to our daily experience – they may appear remote and not worthy of immediate attention.

However, as the Nature World Report emphasizes, all of earth's treasures - including our lives - are at risk in a global economy that spews pollution:

“Managing exposure risks in the Grand Canyon will be a challenge, because sources and transport mechanisms of mercury and selenium extend far beyond Grand Canyon boundaries,” said Dr. David Walters, USGS research ecologist and lead author of the study. 

Other pollutants will surely follow.

From the creeping pollution of natural splendors like the Grand Canyon, to the building of toxic chemical plants in poor communities of color, to the warming of the Arctic, to the imminent threat of rising seawater to small island populations - the world is interconnected.

Collectively, we can no longer elude our responsibility to halt this destruction.


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