Saturday, August 22, 2015

Experts Tout Potential Influence of Connecticut Death Penalty Ruling

A momentous decision issued last week by the Connecticut Supreme Court ended the state’s use of the death penalty, finding that it violates the state constitution. In the Associated Press, Pat Eaton-Robb writes that, according to legal experts, the court’s finding that capital punishment “no longer meets society’s evolving standards of decency could be influential across a nation.” Eaton-Robb notes that, although the decision is limited to Connecticut, “the justices backed their decision by citing what abolitionists say are universal problems with the death penalty, including economic disparities in its use, the costs involved with appeals, the inherent cruelty involved in lengthy waits for execution, and the risk of executing innocent people.” Kevin Barry, a Quinnipiac University law professor and death penalty law expert, said the decision may have been written with an out-of-state audience in mind. “It reads as a missive to the U.S. Supreme Court,” said Barry. “It is a blueprint for our nation’s high court to strike down the death penalty nationally.”

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