Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ex-Felons And Advocates Rally For Voting Rights

What happens is in any organizing campaign or anything bottom-up, you have to build momentum. I think that this is, what it's going to do, it's going to amplify the voices of the people that don't have their voices. This is a conversation right now between the haves, the have-nots. You have an industry or administration that want to keep things the way they are. Then you have people that live in my district, District 45, where there's a high population of ex-offenders that want to see change. They want to have a voice, they want to be able to have that conversation in reference to job employment. In reference to the Second Chance Act. In reference to housing. In reference to transportation, the rail line coming. So many things that affect not only this generation but so many generations to come.


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