Thursday, July 23, 2015

Take Action: Congress Trying To Undo Net Neutrality

The Congress is trying to undo all of our work to ensure net neutrality. They are taking a back-door approach because several attempts at passing a law to undo an Internet where there is equal access for all with no discrimination based on wealth have failed. They are attaching a rider to an appropriations bill to defund net neutrality. We are joining with our ally, Free Press, to stop this sneak attack on net neutrality. Free Press writes: Tell Congress: Stop the Sneak Attack on Net NeutralityNet neutrality protester at Obama fundraiser 7-23-14 The appropriations bill moving through Congress would kill the FCC's Net Neutrality rules. And unlike other threats that have emerged in Congress, this is particularly troubling because it's hidden deep inside a big funding package that’s needed to keep the government operating.


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