Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Making 1984 a reality‏

This week, Congress is voting on a bill that would let the government scrape all of your data off the backbone of the Internet, and introduce security vulnerabilities they don’t know how to fix. It’s baffling how poorly Congress seems to understand the Internet sometimes — so this week, we’re going to fight their outdated ideology with a technology so outdated they might actually understand it: the fax machine.

Click here to automatically send a fax to Congress opposing CISA, their latest mega-surveillance bill.

CISA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing Act, would give spy agencies like the NSA more power than ever before and grant giant companies like Facebook and Google sweeping legal immunity to share your private data with the government.

The NSA claims that we need CISA to stop cyber-attacks, but experts say it won’t do that at all, and will actually make networks even more vulnerable to hacking.

Congress clearly doesn’t understand modern technology. They’re stuck in 1984. So to get their attention we built a robot so that you can send them a message using technology old enough even they can understand it: a FAX.

Click here and we’ll automatically send a fax opposing CISA to every member of the Senate. You can even customize your fax and add any text or images you want!

When you click the link we’ll automatically start sending a default fax to Congress. It’s so easy! After you click, you can edit your fax if you want and add your own reasons for opposing this dystopian spying bill.

We’ve killed bills like CISA before and we can do it again. Let’s do this!

Click here to send a fax to Congress opposing CISA now!

Oh and any tweet w/ #faxbigbrother will get faxed too!

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