Wednesday, June 3, 2015

TPP: Last Line of Defense. Take Action Right Now!

Fast Track for the Trans-Pacific Partnership has passed the Senate is now speeding towards a vote in the House of Representatives. Take action now and tell your Representative to oppose the secret deal that could censor the Internet.

This is our last chance to stop Fast Track. President Obama is certain to sign it if it reaches his desk, which means If we’re going to stop this it’s now or never.

If we stop Fast Track, we stop the TPP. It’s that simple. A TPP ministerial in Japan was already cancelled because your calls and emails have successfully delayed Fast Track so many times.

Take action right now — it could be your last chance before the House votes on Fast Track.

From the beginning we’ve known the fight was going to come down to a close vote in the House of Representatives — the question was how much momentum Fast Track would have when it got here.
Because of the action taken by people like you, it took multiple votes for Fast Track to clear the Senate, but now lobbyists that want the TPP bad are pulling out all the stops.

What we’ve done so far is working, but we could still lose everything if we don’t push hard right now.

Click here to take action against Fast Track today— it could be your last chance before the vote.

This is a fight that we need to win. We can do it, but time is short, so please speak out today and forward this email to others who you think will take action.

For the Internet,

Evan at Fight for the Future

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