Tuesday, June 2, 2015

President Obama's Chance to Expose Dark Money

“President Obama could bring the dark money into the sunlight in time for the 2016 election,” Michael Waldman told The New York Times last week, citing a proposed executive order requiring federal contractors disclose their political spending. “It’s the single most tangible thing anyone could do to expose the dark money that is now polluting politics.” At MSNBCLawrence Norden and Daniel Weiner wrote that “President Obama cannot afford to delay. The 2016 race for the White House is already underway, and any order he issues will require time to implement.” In the meantime, fundraising for the 2016 election continues to escalate, and the ability of the Federal Election Commission to enforce existing regulations is in question. “Sooner or later we need to do something about the FEC,” Weiner told The Nation. The Brennan Center and others are also pushing the Securities and Exchange Commission to mandate that publicly-traded corporations disclose their political spending. Read more from Ian Vandewalker and investor Steve Roth at The Huffington Post.

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