Tuesday, May 19, 2015

United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Youth Suicide and Self-Harm and the recommendations made by Native Youth

The groups of teens who presented talked about very difficult topics which they see being contributors to youth self-harm and suicide. From the Sami people of the Scandinavian region to North and South America teens talked about the effect of colonization. The loss of their culture, language and climate change, presenting difficulties for indigenous youth to maintain a strong sense of identity.

The lack of empowerment leads to depression. Youth in these areas are also survivors of many types of abuse and bullying. They asked for professional help for those in their communities suffering from Physical and Sexual abuse that lead to feeling that suicide was the only option. The youth made a connection with historical trauma and forced assimilation that youth currently face. The lasting effects from horrific abuses endured by colonization, loss of cultural identity, boarding and residential schools.

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