Sunday, May 24, 2015

Report Shows Massive Lack Of Medical Treatment For Illinois Prisoners

Unqualified staff and inadequate care have contributed to some 60 percent of non-violent deaths in Illinois prisons, according to a new report released Wednesday.
Cases reviewed by medical experts and lawyers representing the Illinois Department of Correction (IDOC) show a broad range of problems with treatment of inmates in the state’s prison system, including unsanitary conditions, a lack of leadership and lapses in care that even lead to deaths.

Dixon Correctional Center (DCC), which houses male inmates with special needs, including those with developmental disabilities and mobility impairments, and geriatric patients, was missing a Health Care Unit Administrator and a Director of Nursing, according to the report. Its Medical Director was a “traveling” director from a private company contracted by the IDOC. The company, called Wexford, has faced its own criticism for providing inadequate health care.

The report also charges that records were not adequately maintained, containing “excessive amounts of outdated information,” and Medical Administration Records, necessary to monitor patients medication compliance, were often missing. Approximately 70 percent of the 2,349 inmates at DCC are on medication.


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