Thursday, May 7, 2015

International Network Launches Web Campaign: Right To Link

A large network of over 50 organizations from 21 countries is coming together to “Save The Link”. Today, the network is launching a multilingual international campaign aimed at pushing back against efforts by powerful media conglomerates to censor links and stifle free expression on the Internet. One of the proposals being advanced could make users personally liable for the content of websites they link to online. The campaign launches as legislators in the EU are considering a major copyright review, including amendments to the European Union’s Copyright Directive that experts say would fundamentally undermine the right to link. In addition, a recent leak from the European Commission reveals measures that could force online companies to monitor the activities of Internet users in order to block content in other countries. Popular Resistance has signed onto this campaign because the sharing information is the heart of the Internet's ability to provide a citizen's media that informs and educates more widely than the commercial media. By making it more difficult to share links and other information on the Net, government will be shutting down freedom of speech for the 21st Century.


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