Saturday, May 30, 2015

If we make it, the Patriot Act Sunsets 6/1

Congress put expiration dates on the PATRIOT Act for a reason: when emergency powers become permanent, a piece of democracy dies.

Now, the Senate has a choice. They can renew mass spying. Or they can let the NSA’s PATRIOT Act powers expire, by doing the simplest thing ever: nothing.

And unless we make them, they won’t do it. Click here to give them a piece of your mind (again!) with a phone call or email – it matters today more than ever!
Why? Well, in narrow terms, if Congress doesn’t renew section 215 of the PATRIOT Act by 11:59pm on Sunday, the NSA has to stop tracking Americans’ phone calls, or use a weaker legal framework to do so.

And because the NSA’s activities are secret, this win *could* mean much more than we realize. Ending phone metadata collection may be only the tip of the victory iceberg.

Even better, this will be the first major rebuke of the NSA, the first clear step towards curtailing their powers since the Snowden revelations began.

This is a fight of our lives. People hate the Patriot Act — it’s what the NSA has used to violate the Constitution and monitor our private lives day in and day out for the past 14 years. But, after our epic outcry and a showdown last week, we’re on the verge of reaching a milestone that's always seemed out of reach: the Patriot Act is poised to sunset at midnight on June 1st. Now, the NSA's shills are making a final attempt this Sunday at the 11th hour to re-up on the Patriot Act. We need you more than ever to help secure this first historic move away from mass surveillance.

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