Friday, May 29, 2015

Honor Leonard Peltier on 40th Anniversary of Shootout at Oglala

26th June 2015 6pm-8pm
Frank Bramhall Park
Willow Glen,
San Jose, CA
Willow St. & Camino Ramon St.
off of Britton Ave.
next to the baseball diamond
& under the trees
at the picnic benches

Join us as we gather together to honor Leonard Peltier, an Honorable Leader and Native Rights Activist, and commemorate the Lakota people who were murdered on Pine Ridge during the Reign of Terror, on the 40th anniversary of the shootout which led to his wrongful conviction and imprisonment!

Speakers & Performers:
* Black Berets por la Justicia, San Jose, CA - Drumming & Singing
* Izcalli, Host Mexica/Azteca dance group, - Morgan Hill, CA
Edward Morillo,San Juan Bautista Ohlone - Spiritual Adviser
* Roberto Tinoco Duran, Purepecha - performer/artist
* Manuel Ortega, Blackstone clan
* William Underbaggage, Lakota, from Pine Ridge

This is a potluck. Please bring something to share.

Sponsored by:Silicon Valley Leonard Peltier Support Group
for more info contact Donna Wallach
(h) 408-557-8824 (cell) 408-569-6608 email:

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