Friday, May 15, 2015

Changing the Narrative

Standing on Sacred Ground is a four-part film series, debuting on The PBS World Channel on May 17, which maps the courage, heartbreaking pain, and philosophies of eight indigenous cultures in seven countries beset with the development ideologies of an industrial world, where mines and fossil fuel extraction are destructive to traditional spirituality and way of life. The films illustrate how a sacred connection to land kindles a deep reverence for the natural world—springs, rivers, mountains, totemic animals and forests, and where this relationship with nature weaves a rich and complex tapestry of culture that is predicated on its health and abundance. Destruction of nature can lead to cultural annihilation—a fact that's often hard to digest for an urbanized and industrialized mind.


Don't miss this important, historic film series.
The PBS World Channel will nationally broadcast each film episode on Sundays at 9 PM ET, beginning May 17. See complete broadcast schedule here.

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