Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Broadband at the Center of Charter-Time Warner Cable Deal

When Charter Communications announced a pair of deals on Tuesday to acquire Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks for a total of $67.1 billion, it put the focus squarely on the cable industry’s future: broadband.
Executives said the acquisitions would create a stronger national player that would offer faster services meant for watching online video and playing games, as well as new out-of-home wireless Internet options.
They even raised the possibility of introducing a national streaming television service that would not require a traditional cable subscription.
“It is not just the small screens or the large screens in the house, it is the mobile screens and more,” Thomas M. Rutledge, Charter’s chief executive, said in an interview.
“I am not sure how the services will evolve, whether they will be sold in a big pack, a little pack or individually,” he added. “As a true pure play, we are open to all of that.”

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