Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baltimore Residents: “We Just Can’t Go Back”

After prosecutor Marilyn Mosby charged six Baltimore police officers with the killing of Freddie Gray, this city, which had been roiled by protests since his death in police custody on April 19, appears to have calmed down.
Angry marches and demonstrations have been replaced by an almost festive and street fair-like atmosphere with marching bands, protesters on roller skates, and the selling of ice cream and t-shirts.
On Sunday, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake lifted the curfew that had been effect for the past six days, further contributing to the impression of a return to normalcy. The prospect of things returning to normal, however, leaves many west Baltimore residents feeling deeply concerned.
“The last thing I want to come from this is to go back to the way things are,” said 22 year-old Brittany Byrd, who has been involved in the protests since Gray’s death.
“Yes. They were indicted. And yes it’s an important first step,” she said, “but these crumbs should be the beginning.”

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