Thursday, May 21, 2015

48 hours left to end the Patriot Act. Now, it’s on you.‏

This is unreal.
This week could be the end of the Patriot Act. It all comes down to the next 48 hours.
Yesterday, Rand Paul and 9 other Senators filibustered on the floor of the Senate for 10.5 hours talking about surveillance, running out 1 of the 3 days the Patriot Act has left to pass the Senate.
Tonight, hundreds of people have already responded and are coming together at more than 50 vigils around the country to call on Congress to sunset the Patriot Act.
Everyone who shows up and calls will make history, because if we hustle, the Patriot Act will sunset. This is our best chance ever to deal a death blow to mass surveillance — but there are only 48 hours left to do it. So let’s do something big.

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