Thursday, April 23, 2015

TPP -- The most important action yet‏

Congress just introduced a bill to "Fast Track" the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the secret deal that threatens to spread SOPA-like internet policies around the world.

It's essential that they hear a massive public outcry right away.

We can stop TPP right now if we stop "Fast Track". Click here to take action.

The reason the TPP is so dangerous is that it’s being negotiated behind closed doors by government bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists. There’s absolutely no public oversight of the process.

That’s why every leaked chapter of the deal reads like a veritable wish list of all the dangerous and misguided Internet policies we’ve defeated over the years — corporations are trying to use this deal as a backdoor to pass everything that Internet users have risen up en masse to stop.

So today we’re working with hundreds of websites to flood Congress with calls demanding they oppose putting this secret deal on a Fast Track to approval.

Click here to take action demanding Congress oppose Fast Track for the TPP.

We know Congress responds when Internet users show up in huge numbers — it’s the same tactic that we’ve used as the backbone of our campaigns to stop SOPA, beat back CISPA, and keep Comcast’s attacks at bay. It’s the same tactic we’ve used to defeat the very lobbyists who are working right now to make sure the TPP does as much damage to the open Internet as possible.

Let’s make today a turning point in the fight — if we stop “Fast Track” we can stop the whole TPP and protect the net for years to come. Click here to take action now.

For Team Internet,

Fight for the Future

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