Sunday, April 19, 2015

Portland torn over $500m terminal: could fracking creep into a 'green' city?

Plan to export gas pumped from fracking in Canada has some wondering whether it’s the problem or solution in reducing carbon emissions

Portland’s claim to lead US cities in combating climate change is under threat from plans to build a $500m terminal to export gas pumped from fracking in Canada.
Amid fears that Portland’s progressive, environmentally conscious image could be badly dented, the city is divided over whether exporting natural gas is part of the problem or the solution, in reducing carbon emissions.

Portland’s Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) last week narrowly approved the application by a Canadian company, Pembina, to build one of the largest industrial facilities in the city. Supporters argued that the export of propane gas would help reduce dependence by China and other countries on dirtier fossil fuels, particularly coal.

Opponents, however, are gearing up for a final vote in the city council later this month with warnings that the terminal, which would ship gas from fracking in Canada’s sedimentary basin, will only add to the pollution of the atmosphere.


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