Monday, April 13, 2015

One of America’s Reddest States Embraced Socialism to Fight Robber Barons and Bankers. Here’s Why They Aren’t Looking Back

In agriculture and finance, North Dakota, more than any other state, has proven itself to be a living example of how public ownership benefits far more and is more profitable than other privately-owned entities in those industries. All concerned Americans scratching their heads on how to fight back against Wall Street need only look to North Dakota’s embrace of socialism for a solution.

The word “socialism” is often thrown around by those who least understand it as a way to criticize left-leaning economic reforms. In essence, socialism is simply a collective group of people stepping in to fill a niche and provide goods and services when the only other options are too expensive or too inefficient. In that sense, North Dakota — whose state government leaders and congressional delegation are all right-wing Republicans with the exception of one Democrat U.S. Senator — is ironically the most socialist state in the U.S.


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