Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jurors seated for Aurora theater shooting trial, now await opening

CENTENNIAL — They are a plumber and a teacher, a lawyer and a gas station attendant, a military veteran and an active-duty service member.

The 19 women and five men picked Tuesday in Arapahoe County District Court to decide what constitutes justice in the Aurora movie theater shooting share little more in common than a home county and a commitment to weighing the case impartially. But, for the next four to five months, they will sit beside one another, listening to evidence and ultimately deciding whether James Holmes is guilty for an attack that left 12 people dead and 70 others wounded. And, if they find he is, they will decide whether he should be executed.

What began three months ago with 9,000 juror summonses — among the largest jury calls in U.S. history — reached its end Tuesday evening with a panel of 12 jurors and 12 alternates, mostly white. Only the judge and attorneys know which jurors are alternates until it comes time for deliberation.

Opening statements in the trial are scheduled for shortly after noon April 27.


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