Monday, April 27, 2015

Copper Mine To Destroy Unique, Sacred Area

For centuries, Linda Thomas' ancestors walked this rugged landscape near modern-day Superior as she does today. "We have always harvested acorns and berries and had ceremonies here," says Thomas, who lives in the small Apache town of San Carlos about 50 miles away. "My granddaughter won't be able to come here and do that anymore if it's . . . it's going to be poisoned." Thomas talks of her granddaughter as wind whips through the 5-year-old's hair, both of them standing on a hill of rocks and cactus overlooking sites at the Oak Flat campground. Thomas says the child's Apache name is Zuhnabah. The girl says her name is Serenity, which Thomas agrees also is her name. Yavapais and Apaches used this land for generations.


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