Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Win the Digital War: Tribes Must Exercise Data Sovereignty

Native Nations predate the existence of the United States of America by thousands of years. Colonists and foreign principalities alike acknowledged our sovereign status when they entered into treaties with tribes. The federal government alone signed more than 650 treaties with Native nations.

As sovereign nations, Native American tribes have the inherent right to govern themselves. While the U.S. Congress claimed plenary power over tribes in the U.S. Constitution, true sovereignty means Native nations require no outside power to legitimize our authority. We exist independently.

Within the current framework, tribes use their authority to elect leadership, protect citizens, maintain law and order, determine membership, exclude those who aren’t members, collect and levy taxes, and regulate domestic relations, commerce and property.

Now there is a new frontier that tribes must protect, a digital landscape. The National Security Agency, FBI, CIA, and other government organizations have access to all of your personal data, compiled in bulk as metadata. The War on Terror, 9/11 and laws like the Patriot Act have been used to scare the public into accepting an unprecedented era of mass surveillance and government secrecy.

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