Friday, March 20, 2015

Tomorrow (Saturday, 21 March) in DC: Say NO to endless war

Join the National March on Washington
Saturday, March 21, 12 noon
Say No to Endless U.S. War in the Middle East
At the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

This Saturday, March 21, people from across the United States will be in the streets in Washington D.C. to say NO to endless U.S. war in Iraq and the Middle East.

We will also show that the people oppose those who are trying to provoke a U.S. military conflict with Iran by marching on their offices.

This is going to be an exciting action. We will be going into the commercial centers of Washington D.C., we will be dropping off flag draped coffins at the headquarters of the war corporations, large Drone death machine replicas will be hoisted in a dramatic protest.

Bring your families. Tell your friends. People are coming all from all over to stand together. Don't miss this important event.

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