Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Time Now to Protect Net Neutrality

In the next 10 days Congress is holding 5 hearings intended to undermine net neutrality...

The thing is, these the hearings are on such a huge range of topics that a lot of the Congresspeople at the hearings haven’t been part of the net neutrality fight before, meaning many haven’t chosen sides between Team Cable and Team Internet. These undecided Congresspeople are the key to ending Comcast’s attacks on net neutrality for good.
Together, we flooded the FCC with millions of comments demanding net neutrality and won the strongest protections for online free speech ever. Now, to defend this victory, we need to do the same thing in Congress.
The rules were just released on Thursday, and in case you didn’t get to read all 313 pages of fiery, Comcast-slaying justice, here’s the quick summary we sent last week of what the rules do and don’t do -- including one we forgot to include last week:
  • ISP’s and their friends in government can't block you from visiting a website. So you can visit any site that you want.
  • They can't slow down access to websites. So the sites you want to visit will come to you as quickly as the sites Comcast wishes you were visiting.
  • They can't speed up or make certain websites load faster. This is absolutely critical, because if they could speed up certain sites, that functionally means slowing down other sites.
  • They can’t get between you and any content, application, service, or anything else that you want to access online. That is explicitly one of the rules. Just in case the other rules don’t cover something.
  • There are no new taxes or fees anywhere in the rules, and there’s nothing limiting investment. At all. Period.
  • These rules DO NOT give the FCC authority over content on the Internet. So the government won’t get between you and your content. And neither can an ISP.
Thanks for helping to win (and now protect) net neutrality,

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