Thursday, March 12, 2015

Seth’s Road To Redemption‏

Here’s the thing - we all make mistakes! For the formerly incarcerated members of our society, though, a single mistake can cost them their freedom, the ability to get a job, the ability to get a college loan, and the ability to secure a safe place to live.

And in a society where policing and our justice system are definitely not color or income blind, this means that we are systematically putting people of color and poor people at disadvantages for their entire lives.

If we continue to criminalize those who have committed a crime after they have paid their debt to society, we are forever punishing and inhibiting them from re-entering and being full citizens. This is the wrong way to deal with the formerly incarcerated, their families, and the communities they call home. Obtaining stable employment helps put an end to the cycle of mass incarceration by greatly decreasing recidivism and strengthening communities.

That is why we believe in second chances.
Thank for all that you do.
Regina Clemente, Director of Campaigns
Brave New Films 

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