Friday, March 6, 2015

Senator Ron Wyden: please don't betray the Internet!

Oregon's Senator Ron Wyden has long been a champion of the free and open Internet. Now, the future of the web rests in his hands.

Some of the most corrupt politicians in Washington, DC are pushing hard right now for so-called "Fast Track" legislation, also known as "Trade Promotion Authority" which would hastily ram the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through U.S. Congress without meaningful debate.

The TPP is a massive trade deal, like NAFTA or the FTAA, that was negotiated in almost complete secrecy. But thanks to leaked versions of the text, we know that the TPP contains extreme provisions that could lead to widespread Internet censorship.

We've defeated Fast Track twice before already, but Senator Wyden has been saying publicly he wants to make a deal with the Republicans to make sure that Fast Track passes in the coming weeks.

We've got one chance to stop this. Please use the link below to tweet an image at @RonWyden asking him to be a hero for the Internet and oppose undemocratic Fast Track legislation.

Then give him a call to make sure he gets the message:
(202) 224-5244


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