Saturday, March 28, 2015

Roads Blockaded To Highlight Missing & Murdered Women

"There is no democracy and we the people have an obligation to demand justice for all. The current status quo in so called Canada serves only the elite few while the majority of Canadians are financial slaves to the system. Politicians do not represent the people, nor have they ever. Indigenous communities know this all too well and have been actively resisting subjugation since contact with the first colonizers who illegally imposed their jurisdiction through covert biological warfare and the ongoing genocide implemented with the residential school system." Despite the blockade happening far east in the city nearly out of city limits on a bitter cold and windy day, it had a profound effect on the city. It hit all of the news stations, was all over the radio and there were calls coming in from people asking what was happening on Portage. There weren't huge numbers, but it had its own impact.


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