Wednesday, March 18, 2015

GOP aims to sink Obamacare with reconciliation

What about stealing America's nuclear launch codes and destroying the country in a blaze of radioactive hellfire? That would more or less remove Obamacare. Politico "Senate Republicans want to use a powerful budget maneuver known as reconciliation to go after President Barack Obama’s health care law -- particularly if the Supreme Court strikes down key provisions of Obamacare this June. Using the fast-tracking procedure offers some advantage for Republicans, largely because a reconciliation package can’t be filibustered… But it’s not going to be easy. First, House and Senate Republicans need to agree on a budget resolution, which could be difficult with fiscal conservatives calling for spending cuts but defense hawks looking for more money for the Pentagon. And, of course, President Barack Obama could veto any reconciliation bill that reaches his desk. Still, Republicans are hoping the procedural maneuver will get them closer, at least symbolically, to gutting the president’s signature health care law. The plans were included in a budget blueprint rolled out Wednesday by the Senate Budget Committee -- a governing document that calls for balancing the budget within a decade, extracting hundreds of billions in savings from Medicare and turning over more responsibility to the states to run Medicaid, reducing costs even further."


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