Wednesday, March 25, 2015

EVENT: Michael German on the Future of Security Policy

Michael German sits down with former Church Committee staffer John Elliff, Former Chief Privacy Officer of DHS Mary Ellen Callahan, and former CIA analyst Melvin Goodman to discuss the future of national security policy.

In partnership with Defense One, former FBI veteran and Brennan Center Fellow Michael German interviewed former intelligence officials, congressional staffers, academic researchers, and advocates for an inside look at underlying structural and strategic problems in U.S. intelligence programs. Their arguments tackle three fundamental questions: what is the scope of the new intelligence community, why does it sometimes fail, and how should the U.S. reform it?

Rethinking Intelligence: What Will the Intelligence Enterprise Look Like in 10 Years? brings together experts for an in-depth discussion about what’s working and what’s not with U.S. intelligence practices as well as a candid discussion about the future of national security policy. Interviews from the Brennan Center’s “Rethinking Intelligence” video project were also screened.

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