Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Congress: Activism a Conspiracy

The puppets of the telecom industry in Congress are desperate to find some way to discredit the decision to treat the Internet as a common carrier by reclassifying it under Title II under the Federal Telecommunications Act and putting in place net neutrality rules that ensure equal access and no discrimination.  Today at the House Oversight and Government Reform Hearing, they are claiming that Popular Resistance was working with the White House in pressuring Tom Wheeler to enact rules in the public interest to protect the Internet.

Tom Wheeler is going to testify before Congress five times in the next 10 days at hearings intended to undermine net neutrality.  If today’s hearing is typical of what is coming, everyone should make these bought and paid for puppets of the telecoms the butt of jokes.

Congress is trying to find some way to undermine the rules, our prediction: they will fail and embarrass themselves in the process resulting in undermining any GOP support from the Internet.



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