Thursday, March 26, 2015

Come and Be a Part of History: An Invitation to Organizations‏

Another world is possible. Another system is necessary!
Our communities and our society are in crisis. There is no economic recovery for the poor and oppressed. State violence and political repression are a daily reality. Climate and environmental change threaten our survival. But we are resisting and building movement for the long haul.
We invite you to attend, to participate and to help create and shape the third US Social Forum June 24-28, 2015. To think together, vision together, act together, and strategize as a movement.

The US Social Forum comes out of the World Social Forum process, a gathering of social movement forces beginning in 2001, that rejects the neoliberal agenda of global capitalism under the banner “Another World is Possible.”

The prior US Social Forums convened in Atlanta in 2007 and in Detroit in 2010, drawing over 10,000 each time! This year, we are gathering in Philadelphia, PA, San Jose, CA and we are collaborating with organizations in the South in areas like Jackson, Houston, Florida and Georgia— with plans to link our work via technology.

This will be a perfect place for social change-agents to educate, agitate and organize together. It is more than an event – it is a movement building process led by poor people, people of color, immigrants, women, LGBT people – the people and organizations on the very front lines of struggle. We organize under a very specific set of principles, and unite under the banner “Another World is Possible. Another System is Necessary.”

So if you are working for peace, justice, democracy, equality, sustainability and liberation, we invite you to join us.

Register your organization so you can submit a workshop or a participatory Peoples Movement Assembly.  Or register yourself as an individual.

Your help is needed. Spread the word.  Join us!

United States Social Forum
US Social Forum
225 E. 26th St, Suite 1
Tuscon, AZ 85713
United States

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