Thursday, March 19, 2015

Colorado: Support the Mascot Bill HB15-1165


It is time we call it what it is, racial slurs are racial slurs.  Why is it not okay to use derogatory terms  for all other races but it is still okay to use terms like Redskins, Savages, etc. referring to the American Indians, I do not know?  These are not terms of endearment, not inspiration for pride, and certainly do not show reverence to the American Indian.  Although these schools do not intend to dishonor the American Indian, they are by the use of these words and phrases.  We as Coloradoans have sought to eliminate racism from our State, but the last refuge of it resides in our culture through these names.  It is time to call it out, and eliminate the remains of the culture of hurtful slurs.

This is why I have championed this cause.  This is why we all should be outraged at this.  This is why we need to change the culture hurt.

Help me combat racism and support the Mascot bill HB15-1165 on Monday, March 23.  We will have several representatives from American Indian Nations testifying on behalf of the Mascot Bill I hope you will attend and if moved, to testify on behalf of this important bill.

Monday March 23
Room# 271
Colorado State Capitol Building

200 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, Colorado

Representative Joe Salazar HD31

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