Thursday, February 12, 2015

This US City First to Run 100 Percent on Sustainable Energy

With Fukushima radiation still raining down on us, fracking causing earthquakes in Dallas, TX and other cities, and petroleum-based energy polluting the air and waterways, it’s good to know that one US city is currently supplying 100 percent renewable, sustainable energy for all its residents’ electricity needs. Vermont, the same state that has successfully challenged the biotech industry by instituting GMO labeling laws, is also home to Burlington – where green energy powers life.

Vermont is known for socially conscious politics, and geographically hosting the first 100 percent sustainably-run city is a huge milestone, not only for residents of Burlington, but for all US cities – because it shows that sustainable energy is a possibility.

PBS recently reported on the city’s milestone in William Brangh’s PBS NewsHour. The city gets its energy primarily from wind farms, hydro-electric projects, and solar panels. You can see how Burlington achieved this monumental feat, here.


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