Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tell ArborGen and the USDA Genetically Engineered Trees are UNACCEPTABLE!

The US Department of Agriculture is allowing GE tree giant ArborGen to develop their new GE loblolly pine tree in the United States with NO regulations or risk assessments!

This is the first genetically engineered forest tree to be approved for commercial production anywhere in the world (outside of China).

The potential impacts to the public or to the environment will not be evaluated, and overwhelming public opposition to GE trees is being completely ignored.

This decision was withheld from the US public for almost five months, because the USDA knows you and millions of others reject GE trees. 

Let them know! Say NO to GE trees! Tell the USDA and ArborGen that you oppose the unregulated and untested release of GE trees into the environment.

Click here to send your letter of protest to the government officials and ArborGen staff involved in the advancement of this GE loblolly pine tree.

The Campaign to STOP GE Trees is an international alliance of organizations mobilized to protect forests and biodiversity and to support communities threatened by the dangerous release of genetically engineered trees into the environment.

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