Saturday, February 14, 2015

Rapid Response To Stop Fast Track And The TPP

We need to organize quickly. President Obama and the new Congress are moving to pass Fast Track legislation which will permit the President to sign secret trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) before Congress sees them and restrict Congress from determining what impacts the TPP will have on our health, economy, communities and the planet. We know what previous trade agreements like NAFTA have done to outsource jobs and lower wages, block efforts to protect public health and increase our deficit. The TPP is a whole new breed. We call it "NAFTA on steroids." The reason the TPP has been negotiated in secret and is being pushed through Congress in this unconstitutional and undemocratic way is because it contains provisions that will give corporations even more power to determine our laws even down to the local level and remove our power to fight back. We aren't going to let that happen. We are working with our allies across the continent to stop Fast Track and the TPP.


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