Friday, February 20, 2015

Evaluating Police Psychology: Who Passes the Test?

...Because states regulate how municipal departments operate, typically by creating state commissions or academies to determine hiring and training standards, there is currently no national standard for how police recruit candidates, how they are psychologically evaluated, or even whether or not such evaluations should be mandatory.

Truthout reviewed the websites for each state's standards and training commission and/or state statute and found that 22 states' commissions and/or state statutes do not explicitly mandate that a licensed psychologist administer a psychological evaluation as a minimum qualification for a potential police recruit.

Some states use vague language in their statutes, requiring only that a candidate must "be free of" any mental or emotional condition that may affect the candidates' ability to perform their job functions. In some cases, this determination is made through the background investigation process alone. In other cases, the commission and/or state statute says that a clinical physician will make such a determination as part of a required physical examination.


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