Monday, February 16, 2015

Book Showcases FBI Efforts To Sabotage US Left

"Typically," Heavy Radicals notes, "a local FBI agent would provide information to a 'friendly' news source on the condition that the bureau's interest in these matters be kept in the strictest confidence." Riesel, of course, was not the only "friend" at the ready. Among others, The San Francisco Examiner's Ed Montgomery served as a prominent West Coast ally. Not surprisingly, all of this happened without RU/RCP members having the faintest inkling that they had been infiltrated or were being monitored by employees of the US government. In fact, Leonard and Gallagher write that paid informants frequently rose to organizational prominence and became the most vocal celebrants of the group's "tight security." This, in turn, helped unsuspecting members relax in the assumed safety of trusted colleagues.


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