Monday, February 23, 2015

Anti-indigenous militia abducts and tortures Kaiowá youth in Brazil

According to the complaint filed with the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), on the morning of Feb 7, a Kaiowá youth of 17 was kidnapped by an armed group in the vicinity of Naviraí (Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil), and subjected to torture sessions - beatings and psychological pressure. The Indigenous Peoples live in camps that compose the Indigenous Land Santiago Kue, located along BR-163, the highway connecting the towns of Juti and Naviraí.

This situation reinforces the existence of armed militias with the aim of attacking Indigenous communities and their leaders. It is not the first time that such evidence has verified something that is no longer a theory, but possesses concrete elements. The purpose of these criminal bands is to prevent the Indigenous people from gaining access to their traditional territories, especially those already demarcated or identified by the Funai (National Indian Foundation).

According to the report accompanying the complaint, it was 11am when the Kaiowá youth was returning from the city of Naviraí, walking along BR-163, after daily working hours. While passing by the stretch opposite the fazenda known in the region as "Central", next to the Federal Highway Police post, he was aggressively approached by an armed group consisting of approximately 20 men, who were in a convoy consisting of two Hilux trucks, one black and one white, four passenger cars and two motorcycles.


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