Sunday, January 18, 2015

Women in Solitary Confinement

...Most prison officials eschew the term "solitary confinement" these days. They use other names for the units in which people are isolated to their cells nearly all day. In California, it's usually the "administrative segregation unit" or "security housing unit"; in New York state and in the federal system, it's the Special Housing Unit (or SHU). In Logan prison, the unit is known as the "segregation wing."

Regardless of the name, women in these units spend 22 to 24 hours in their cells. They are allowed out of their cells for showers up to three times each week and for one hour of exercise and recreation per day inside a different cage outdoors. This isolation exacerbates any existing mental health problems and, even for those without preexisting conditions, can cause severe psychological and emotional trauma.


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