Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Who Are My People?" Documentary film to premiere in Canada

"Who Are My People?" from documentary filmmaker/investigative journalist Robert Lundahl, explores the destruction of Native American cultural sites, in-tact desert ecosystems, and biodiversity values, in the rush to profit from "Green Energy."

Even in the United States, which considers itself among the most advanced or progressive democracies, indigenous communities are subjected to the destruction of their cultures, while those who should know better look the other way.

In the quest to develop green energy in the deserts of California, for example, some say environmentalists and "Green Energy" supporters lack an understanding of the consequences of their actions and choices. Global energy firms like NextEra, Brightsource, and Iberdrola participate in what some have called a  "Gold Rush" for the new "Green Energy" profits.

This is the subject of Emmy® Award winning filmmaker Robert Lundahl's new documentary, "Who Are My People?".  "It may seem inconceivable to those on the left," he says, "That their own ambitions could be aligned in the historical context with "Indian fighters," John C. Fremont and General George Armstrong Custer, who suffered defeat at the Little Big Horn."


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