Thursday, January 15, 2015

We Are In The Final Countdown To Save The Net

We are in the final countdown to save the net. We expect the FCC to reveal its position on net neutrality in early February and to vote on it February 26.
We are winning on net neutrality and the telecoms know it. They are doing all they can to stop reclassification of the Internet as a common carrier under Title II of the Telecommunication Act and we are fighting back!

We would like to share some tools from our coalition partners so that you can join the fight too. Together we will save the Internet.

1. Find out if your member of Congress is killing or saving the Internet: Fight for the Future launched 535 websites. One for each member of Congress. They write,
“We’re winning. We we’re winning so hard. There’s literally only one thing that can stop us now: partisan nonsense in Congress. Congress knows that the public is overwhelmingly in support of net neutrality. We need to let them know that there will be political consequences for any politician who betrays the open Internet. These sites are just the first part of the plan, but they’re exactly the kind of attention politicians don’t like. It’s like if we put up giant billboards with their faces on them, except it only costs a couple bucks per site.
2. Shine the truth on Telecom lies: The telecom ads are popping up everywhere trying to scare people to oppose net neutrality. Telecoms may have millions for ads, but we have the truth. We need you to help bust their lies. Open Media created a simple tool that you can use to write letters to the editor. You’ll reach your community and members of Congress (who always follow what constituents are writing in the papers).

3. Join the Rapid Response Team: Now that you’ve done the above, you can feel good that you are making a difference. But there’s one last thing to do. We are mobilizing rolling actions at Telecoms across the country. And we must be vigilant. If the FCC’s proposal on net neutrality doesn’t meet our standards, then we must mobilize quickly as we did last May when we occupied the FCC. Take the action pledge here and we’ll send you further instructions for ways to join the actions in Washington, DC or locally. Spread the word so that others can join the team.
Thank you for being on Team Internet!

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